Sunday, 27 April 2014

King William IV, Sedgeford

Norfolk has some fabulous places to eat, drink & be merry and many are not too far from the holiday cottages here.

Over the Easter break we had a lovely time at The King William IV in Sedgeford which is very close to us, approx 5 miles away.

We arrived early evening, approx 6.30pm to have a meal to finish off my daughter's 6th birthday celebrations.  It was lovely to see lots of people milling around, enjoying themselves.  Considering it was busy you would never have realised as there are so many fab dining areas dotted about that you felt like you had the place to yourself!

We parked up our car in the off road car park and entered the pub via a fantastic sloped walkway, ensuring access for everyone.

There was level access throughout the bar and a large proportion of the restaurant area too.

The bar area was humming with activity, there were several families relaxing and the occasional man and his dog who had popped in for a pint! It had a charming atmosphere and was very welcoming.

Got this off the internet as didn't want to intrude by taking photos :)

There were traditional pub tables as well as a comfy seating area which we plonked ourselves down in quite happily :)

The dining areas were beautiful and spacious too, everywhere had a homely feel to it.

There were fantastic views over the garden towards the Norfolk Countryside and the garden itself was smashing.

It had a lovely covered eating area at the bottom - the hubby and I are hoping to return when the summer is here and enjoy a meal al fresco.

We were shown to our table which was in a quiet room off the bar.  It had floor to ceiling book shelves and felt very cosy.  The children soon had a snoop at the shelves and were thrilled to discover on the lower levels, some children's books which kept them entertained while we were waiting for our food. That and showing Grandpa how iPhone's works ;)

The menu was very varied, there was so much choice and all of it delicious!  Always hoping that we would all chose something different so we could nick a bit of everyone else's I was disappointed to discover that we all went for the same thing!  The King William 6oz rump steak burger filled with the delicious Binham Blue Cheese :)  I wasn't disappointed for long mind you as it was fantastic and I wouldn't have wanted to share!!

There was a lovely kids menu too which kept them happy and the desserts were to die for!  We had the classic, Spotted Dick and the children had gorgeous icecream - we all left feeling stuffed & happy!!

We noticed in the bar area a sign telling us that they have a 'Curry Tuesday' where you can get a curry and a drink for £10 per person.  Think we'll be back!!

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